Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yea Me!!

I GOT it! I got IT! I GOO-OOT my Ornament! Yea Me! Thank You Fran! I Love it!!
She is sooooo talented! you really should check out her site. Her dolls!! They are Fabulous (two snaps and a circle!)

These are the little dudes I created for the Swap! I had sooooo much fun! Thanks Viv for having the Swap! Your snow dude will be in the mail SOON!


Fran said...

WOOOHOOO Debe, He looks fantastic hanging on your Christmas tree. I'm so glad you like him. I forgot to take a finished picture of him. LOL He's a lot like the one I posted on my blog but with other things added. I posted the snowmen that you made me on my blog last night. I got them yesterday and they are wonderful. I LOVE THEM!!
Thank you for being such a wonderful swap partner and now a friend. I love your work.

Dawn said...

I just came over from Midlife Mom when I read you were from Colorado. So am I. But you are crafty and I am not. Not a all. I envy people who are and who have the energy. You doing lovely things!!

vivian said...

wow! both you and Fran did a great job... remember the criteria.. cause one to smile! I am smiling at the pics you posted! they look great! and I am watching my mail! cant wait!
Get ready, I'm gonna do another swap on Janurary! I hope you'll play again!