Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow! Productivity!

Howdy all! Well the long weekend is over and back to the grind we go! It was nice to have a day all to my self. It almost went up in smoke. After I did my running around and the many tasks of what I have to get done was swirling thru my head, I came home to a dark house. Say What?! Yep the power was out. The weather was fine, so must have been an auto accident. Happens a lot around here. SO after a few choice words, and a mini fit, I decided to hand stitch some stuff, tweak this or that and try to make the best of it. I’ll just have to use the sewing machine later. And then there was light! So I popped in a sappy DVD and sewed like the wind!

I made some progress over the weekend finished most on Monday. I am on the down hill slide on the Stocking Swap. I’ll have everything done and ready to send right after Thanks Giving. Made good headway on the Snowman Ornament for the Swap and it too will be out right after Thanks giving. I even finished up some stitching’s for The Homestead. Whew! I EVEN went to Boulder, CU with Teen chic #2 on Saturday, she is apart of a Pre-Collegiate Partnership program, we attend some seminars for college scholar ships and where to find financial assistance along with a few other classes, it’s very informative considering Teen chic #1 will be graduating this year. Then after the long morning we sneaked to our favorite sub shop Jimmy John’s, did a little window shopping, (College Towns are very expensive!) Then headed back home. Had lots to do! I even squeezed in coloring my hair. The gray was peeking out… I feel pretty productive!

Had a Good day at the Homestead on Sunday, lot’s of ladies getting ready for the holidays, even a few men came in getting things for the wife. Always fun talking to these guys, them being out of their comfort zone and all. I make sure to offer plenty of samples of the jalapeƱo jelly and cream cheese dip, and other dipping samplings and they fit in fine. I have a few orders I need to get done, I have snow ball head pillows for an inside snowball fight, that this lady must have 6 sets of. Say What?! SO I need to stretch my fingers crack my knuckles, roll my neck and get to work….

Till next time my Crafty Gal Pals! Inventory your Christmas lights, check the pantry for chocolate chips, take a moment to relax and have a good one!

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