Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yea Me!!

I GOT it! I got IT! I GOO-OOT my Ornament! Yea Me! Thank You Fran! I Love it!!
She is sooooo talented! you really should check out her site. Her dolls!! They are Fabulous (two snaps and a circle!)

These are the little dudes I created for the Swap! I had sooooo much fun! Thanks Viv for having the Swap! Your snow dude will be in the mail SOON!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mail and a Crafty chicken?!

Yup!! I mailed out my Swaps Monday! My "Swap" Gal pals, you should be seeing the Fed Ex dude pulling up in about three or so days! "Doink!!" (I forgot to take a pic of the stocking I made!) Hey Midlife Momma, would ya could ya please take a pic for me!?

Here are a few things I have been working on! These little "Believe" snow dudes, were fun and quick to create, I made about 12 ornaments and 4 hang-a-bouts to put in the Homestead, and all but three of the ornaments have sold. Just when I think I'm almost done creating, I am sucked back in... I love to craft & create! I do! I wish that was all I could do... My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, and my hands never seem to rest. Guess I shouldn't complain, people are buying, I am making moola and I'm enjoying every second of it. Two more weekends and no more Homestead 'till next season.:0(

Here are a few more things I have been stitching, I try to do three at a time. (my magic #) I will stain and frame before Saturday. See I told you my hands wont sit still.

Well my Crafty Gal Pals! We got Snow this morning, so drive safe! Shop for good sales! Sip some hot coco, close your eyes and breath in!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I lied, I lied, I lied! I did not have inter…… (Wrong person wrong lie!) (snicker, snicker!) Yes I lied to ya all! I have temporally lost my ever loven’ freaken mind! I subjected myself to the infamous BLACK FRIDAY!! (dun dun dun) (attempt at dark scary music)

I received an SOS from Santa and elves, after many hours of contemplating and scrutinizing, I was told from a good source that Teen chic #2 was in-fact on the nice list, and indeed deserved the said PSP game thingy. That being said, just for the heck of it I took a peek at all the BLACK FRIDAY (dun dun dun) adds. And the elves pointed out that Tar*get had a special. (CRAP!) Those dadgum puppy dog eyes and the million, Please, Please Please MOM! Mommy, PLEEEEEEEAAAASE! I’ll clean my room, I’ll clean the whole house, I’ll clean up dog poo for the rest of my life! PLEEEASE MOMMY!!!! I’ll never call my wonderful brother another bad name ever, Ever again! PLEEEEEASE!!! So after she cleaned the bathroom with her toothbrush…. (just kidding,… maybe later! I do feel a little power thou!) After a long mournful contemplation and finally peeling Teen chic #2 from out of my bee-hind, I said, “I guess. Say What?!

SO at 5:00 am, the alarm beeps me awake, one eyeball opened and brain still foggy from the overdose of pumpkin pie and cool whip, I crawl out of bed bumped in the dark to the shower trying to convince myself that I am doing this out of love! I think what really kept me going was that Star*bucks will be open and on my priority list of things to do. "Do they provide or sell coffee in IV form or Super Size them?!"

We pull into the dark parking lot, for a brief moment I thought, “Nobody in their right mind will be out at this insane freezing hour….” I was wrong, the line was all around the back of the building, my survival instincts kicked in, “get out! Get out! Get in line NOW before those people! RUN! RUN!! RUN!” We were there at 5:55 AM! And the line wrapped around the flippin’ building!! So we stood there proud of ourselves that we beat a few dozen people to get in the BACK of the line, did I mention it was FREEZING! So we stood there shivering, rubbing our hands together and marching in palce puffing smoke out our mouths and noses. I was planning a reconnaissance with Teen chic #2. Finally the line begins to move, as we make our way around the building I spy people who are standing at the front of the building, and me daring and whispering under my breath, “don’t EVEN think about cutting in line, I’ll get my karate on!” Wasn’t I giving Thanks the day before?? So I relay to teen chic #2 what she needs to do, and be sure to dodge and weave in and out, cuz I’m a chubby chic and I would slow us up, we checked our cell phones synchronized our watches and shoved our way into the packed entry way. GO! GO! GO! She took off, I thought I would get a cart, may as well make it worth my while… BAD idea, TOO many poeople! So I left the cart wiggled and squeezed my way to the insanely crowded electronic section, people yelling for cameras, some guitar game and those huge plasma TV’s. I squeeze my way to the PSP section; the one we want is GONE! I quickly grab my cell, punch her number, “Did ya get it?!” I yell in the phone. YES!! She screeches, “I’m in line!” I maneuver my way thru the line of sardines; I find Teen chic with a huge GRIN on her face we high five each other! Look MOM!! Cool I say! Did you get a game? Her grin drops! Run Girl! Run like the wind! I’ll stay in line…

After all is said and done, we got the PSP thingy with a game a few other items and we made it home by 7:00 a.m. I am now at work, and YES I am really on my second cup of Star*bucks. (Boss lady brought one in for us!) My scalp is tingly, eyes feel heavy, have a little heart burn from too much coffee, but I am pleased with myself, And Teen chic is happy….. for now!

Well all my crafty Gal pals! I hope to find ya all warm and cozy in your beds! Forgive me lying to you! I really had NOT planned on subjecting myself into the commercialized retail psycho world of shopping! Have a good one!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving ya all!

Well it's here! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and BLACK Friday is next. Let the Games begin! Does every one have their lists put together? Is anyone going out before the chickens make their coffee to get their start on Christmas? Not me! luckily my kids are older, and well I still have to work that day. Teen Chick #1 told G-ma that it would be cool to go shopping on black Friday. Say What?! Been there and done that, and well disliked it very much so. The "Crazy" comes out in folks, they temporally forget that just the day before they were "Thankful"! So I will keep my just fed full of pumpkin pie behind home, Thank you very much!
I hope ya all have a VERY good Thanksgiving! I wish you and your family well! Remember those who are far away from home, and truly look around you and see what you are Thankful for.

Brightest Blessings! Have a good one!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Medium!

Isn't this a nice pic? Teen chic #2 took it while on a hike at Estes Park this Summer. What you don't see is me hanging on for dear life to a small twig like tree trying to catch my breath. I personally thought I would die that day. I was huffing and puffing up and down that mountain. My face all red my hair all drenched, my legs felt like jello. I'm sure I was a fright show to those who respectfully passed us with a strange smile on their faces. I even had a young girl ask if I was okay. "Fine I growled!" I Told my chunky monkey behind that day to lay off the snick*ers and cheet*oes and get in shape before I truly become humpty dumpty... I am down 22 lbs since that hot July day, (A slow but yet determined process.) and still have about 40 more to go. I'll never see that "highschool" weight, but I sure would like to see something that resembles a human form...
Update on the Crafty Side! Having fun at the Homestead! I'm caught up on the orders, and am diligently working on more goodies to get into the shop! (I need a vacation!)
I have my Stocking done for the Swap! ShAAAWeeeT!!
I am almost done with my Snowman for the Swap! My hopes and plans are to get those off on Monday the 26th! I'm SOOO excited to send them out. I'm still a child at heart!
I am currently on a mad hunt for my camera. When Teen chic#2 and I went to Boulder, we had said camera with us, since then I think O'Bessie has taken it hostage because her insides look like a tornado hit her. Between craft shows, work, three kids treking here and there, shopping and well heck life! OH and unfortunatly I have been meaning to get to the locker with my halloween stuff, it too sits and waits in O' bessie. I guess I don't blame her. I'll be kind and fill her up with way over priced gas, take a trash bag to her rummage thru the mess, promise her I'll get to the lockers before Thanksgiving, and hopefully she will spit it back out...
Well my Crafty Gal Pal's, check those Christmas hidding places twice this year, and the corners in the closets, you'll never know, you may find a last years gift still a hidding.(done that!)
Keep the cubboard stocked with coco and be sure to breath!
Have a Good One!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow! Productivity!

Howdy all! Well the long weekend is over and back to the grind we go! It was nice to have a day all to my self. It almost went up in smoke. After I did my running around and the many tasks of what I have to get done was swirling thru my head, I came home to a dark house. Say What?! Yep the power was out. The weather was fine, so must have been an auto accident. Happens a lot around here. SO after a few choice words, and a mini fit, I decided to hand stitch some stuff, tweak this or that and try to make the best of it. I’ll just have to use the sewing machine later. And then there was light! So I popped in a sappy DVD and sewed like the wind!

I made some progress over the weekend finished most on Monday. I am on the down hill slide on the Stocking Swap. I’ll have everything done and ready to send right after Thanks Giving. Made good headway on the Snowman Ornament for the Swap and it too will be out right after Thanks giving. I even finished up some stitching’s for The Homestead. Whew! I EVEN went to Boulder, CU with Teen chic #2 on Saturday, she is apart of a Pre-Collegiate Partnership program, we attend some seminars for college scholar ships and where to find financial assistance along with a few other classes, it’s very informative considering Teen chic #1 will be graduating this year. Then after the long morning we sneaked to our favorite sub shop Jimmy John’s, did a little window shopping, (College Towns are very expensive!) Then headed back home. Had lots to do! I even squeezed in coloring my hair. The gray was peeking out… I feel pretty productive!

Had a Good day at the Homestead on Sunday, lot’s of ladies getting ready for the holidays, even a few men came in getting things for the wife. Always fun talking to these guys, them being out of their comfort zone and all. I make sure to offer plenty of samples of the jalapeño jelly and cream cheese dip, and other dipping samplings and they fit in fine. I have a few orders I need to get done, I have snow ball head pillows for an inside snowball fight, that this lady must have 6 sets of. Say What?! SO I need to stretch my fingers crack my knuckles, roll my neck and get to work….

Till next time my Crafty Gal Pals! Inventory your Christmas lights, check the pantry for chocolate chips, take a moment to relax and have a good one!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rantings from the Soap Box Queen!

Whew!! It’s one day closer to Friday! It sure has been a long week. I have been soooo busy with works. (I meant that to be plural) and squeezing in stitching and not to mention “Hey Mom! Could you do this” Hey mom you got This” Hey Mom do you have $5 bucks Hey Mom …) CALGONE TAKE ME AWAY!!! My multiple personalities need to step up and out and help out a little bit… Wouldn’t that be nice? And I really think I need to change that name Hey Mom…

Veterans Day is Monday. Don’t forget about our boys over Seas fighting for what freedom we think we still may have. (sorry that sounded bitter!) It’s just so sad to see such youguns’ coming in with their little babies, or just married and they are not even 21 yet and they are sent over there for 11 months or more to fight a senseless war... Let me say Thank You! Thank you for your Sacrifice, and Thank you for your honor. And thank you to all those who have fought before this and live to share, and may those who lost their lives, may they rest in peace. (Okay I’m shoving my soap box back under my bed, told you sometimes that thing klunks behind me…)

Oh Yea, AND Thank you for giving us a 4 day week next week. AMEN

SOOO now we are thinking about Turkey day coming up, and then the count down is on us. Ornament Swap, Stocking Swap, I am soooo excited about them! My first time EVER involving myself with a blog land swap!! (Let me give my new Craften Gal Pal Midlife Mom a Shout out! HEEEAAAYY!)

(Oops my soap box just slid under my feet, so bare with me.)And then before you know it Christmas and ALL of its commercialism is right up on us. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, I love to create and share in the season with the best of them. It’s all the hype of that next new fastest thingy ma bobber or spend this much with no interest till next year... I remember when giving someone something YOU made was a big deal, something you painstakingly put together for this one person and they would graciously say “Oh that’s nice,” and then toss it aside. SAY WHAT!?! That’s why I love checking these blogs, I see folks who make and create and share. I appreciate you, all of you and your gifted minds too. Thank you!

OOOH and one more thing before I go and find my happy pill, Be careful when you buy toys now days, make sure the lead o meter is checked. Can you believe this? I think about ALL the toys I played with as child or the toys I let my kids play with. The last thing on my mind was the lead content. I just wanted them to stop bugging me, and now I may have actually poisoned my children for lack of patience… Sheesh!

I have always had a splinter in my side as a crafter when I would see all this nock off country crafty looking stuff that has that little sticker on the back side that says “made in CHINA”. I will now stamp my items PROUDLY with “Made in America”!

Till next time my Craften Gal Pals! Fly your flags proudly eat a little extra and say a prayer for those boys to come home safe!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holidays at the Homestead!

Howdy all! Thought I would post a few pics of the Homestead.

Here is a pic of teen boy, he was helping mom bag everyone’s treasures.. He is a good helper! Those are some long days in that small house. Sunday was unseasonably HOT.

We had really good traffic and we still have 5 more weeks to go! There are over 40 vendors, and we all seem to be doing pretty well. I have done fantastic I must say. I now have to get my busy little fingers nimble and get back on that stitching frenzy… Whew! Those have been my big buys, and my Santa dolls, ALL gone. Ornaments are flying as well. I even put together some seasonal pins and earrings, POW going, going almost gone. I’m getting dizzy (dizzier from the peanut gallery thank you very much! :0) So bare with me if it seems I’m missing from space, I’m also getting ready for my exciting stocking swap and snowman ornament swap! My mind is a buzzen….

This is the cozy kitchen, lot's of goodies! The Sweet Pickles and jalapeno jelly YUM!

The front of the Gully House! I already sold my sled.
The living room, isn't the furniture great! The lady who sells it has fabulous taste!

The piano is original to the house. In other words, it is too massive to move, so it will be decorated!

This Tiny room was the bedroom, now it is the everyday room, with purses and nic-nacks and jewelry.

Till next post all you creative chics, don’t forget to breath, eat and bathe! Happy Crafting to all and to all a good Successful Season!!

Don't look back!

I have showed in an earlier post of an unfinished stitching of the "Don't look back" stitching, the colored one I made for myself when I first got back to CO for healing purposes. (I may touch on that at a later date when the voices in my head stop yelling!) And the unfinished one is for middle Teen chic. I know it’s not a PSP… I’m still negotiating with Santa and his Elves over that. You know the whole naughty & nice thing; I guess it’s in some concreted contract that if you’re naughty you get coal, in her case a chalked framed piece of art made with luv, sweat and blood (from poking myself umpteen times) from mom. She may still have a chance for the PSP if she STOPS tormenting her brother and the little dog too!!
(luv you sweet bee if you R reading this ;0)

Okay any way, I got this from a coloring page off of, I don’t plan on selling them, and technically I am coloring it SO I’m not infringing on anybody’s toes. (I hope)
After all the stitching, I tea die in heavy instant coffee. (I know doesn’t make since where’s the tea.) I like to use LOTS of cheep generic instant coffee and let it soak for an hour or two and then set out in sun to dry. Works best in the summer. So if there is no sun I resort to the oven at 200 degree heat and keep checking for that just right tint. Then I pull out my artists chalk and make a huge dusty mess. I am contemplating using a new technique that keeps buzzing around in my head. Before I tell, I think I’m gonna try it first just incase the voices in my head are wrong…

Moon chic has been known to describe my stitching technique and my crocheting habit as if I am all tight and puckered up. What can I say?... I’m working on it. As for the stitching, I think it works :<) (luv U moon chic)

Till next time my crafty gal pals, take a moment for yourself, and yes if you have to eat a snickers in the closet, it does mean you have issues, and yes even if you eat it upside down it will still find your back side!!
Have a good 1!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Whew!! I need a veg brain break… Well it’s already November! Say What!?!
Can you believe it? Time sure is flying by! Before you know it, we’ll all be sitting around the boob tube after fattenen’ up after Turkey Day dinner, pondering what the heck are we going to eat for Christmas Dinner, who’s house we goen’ to and what the next HOT buy is.

Last year I picked the teens up their I-pods, (I’m still broke by the way…) and this year those darn things are out dated! Oh well!! The middle teen wants a PSP, she is my IT chic, she has hooked her brother up with his PSP, which HE bought himself. Heck Yes! (What do I look like an ATM?) He saved his B-day $, and traded in the Game Cube with games, all I had to help with was $20. So now let the games begin, and I don’t mean the game it self, I mean the fights are on. Middle teen fights with boy teen about play time. So I guess I need to send a letter to Santa and Beg for a RAISE and make sure he doesn’t have his reading glasses on when he checks his list twice for who has been naughty or nice. I’m just saying calling your brother a butthead upon other derogatory names will not earn points with the Big guy…

Okay let’s talk about the “Holidays at the Homestead”. Even though opening night was Halloween, we still had a pretty good turn out. Usually the ladies’ who stock and shop are scoping out the antiques, so I didn’t have much hope for my hand-made’s. BUT I did pretty well. I start working this Sat and Sun for the next 6 weeks. I really am looking forward to it!! I will be sure to take pic’s and post.

Till next time Chic’s, stay safe shop for bargains and eat plenty of fiber. That way when you talk to someone, they’ll know you’re not full of crap… I know, I know that was bad. :0)
Have a good 1!!