Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rantings from the Soap Box Queen!

Whew!! It’s one day closer to Friday! It sure has been a long week. I have been soooo busy with works. (I meant that to be plural) and squeezing in stitching and not to mention “Hey Mom! Could you do this” Hey mom you got This” Hey Mom do you have $5 bucks Hey Mom …) CALGONE TAKE ME AWAY!!! My multiple personalities need to step up and out and help out a little bit… Wouldn’t that be nice? And I really think I need to change that name Hey Mom…

Veterans Day is Monday. Don’t forget about our boys over Seas fighting for what freedom we think we still may have. (sorry that sounded bitter!) It’s just so sad to see such youguns’ coming in with their little babies, or just married and they are not even 21 yet and they are sent over there for 11 months or more to fight a senseless war... Let me say Thank You! Thank you for your Sacrifice, and Thank you for your honor. And thank you to all those who have fought before this and live to share, and may those who lost their lives, may they rest in peace. (Okay I’m shoving my soap box back under my bed, told you sometimes that thing klunks behind me…)

Oh Yea, AND Thank you for giving us a 4 day week next week. AMEN

SOOO now we are thinking about Turkey day coming up, and then the count down is on us. Ornament Swap, Stocking Swap, I am soooo excited about them! My first time EVER involving myself with a blog land swap!! (Let me give my new Craften Gal Pal Midlife Mom a Shout out! HEEEAAAYY!)

(Oops my soap box just slid under my feet, so bare with me.)And then before you know it Christmas and ALL of its commercialism is right up on us. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, I love to create and share in the season with the best of them. It’s all the hype of that next new fastest thingy ma bobber or spend this much with no interest till next year... I remember when giving someone something YOU made was a big deal, something you painstakingly put together for this one person and they would graciously say “Oh that’s nice,” and then toss it aside. SAY WHAT!?! That’s why I love checking these blogs, I see folks who make and create and share. I appreciate you, all of you and your gifted minds too. Thank you!

OOOH and one more thing before I go and find my happy pill, Be careful when you buy toys now days, make sure the lead o meter is checked. Can you believe this? I think about ALL the toys I played with as child or the toys I let my kids play with. The last thing on my mind was the lead content. I just wanted them to stop bugging me, and now I may have actually poisoned my children for lack of patience… Sheesh!

I have always had a splinter in my side as a crafter when I would see all this nock off country crafty looking stuff that has that little sticker on the back side that says “made in CHINA”. I will now stamp my items PROUDLY with “Made in America”!

Till next time my Craften Gal Pals! Fly your flags proudly eat a little extra and say a prayer for those boys to come home safe!

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