Friday, November 2, 2007


Whew!! I need a veg brain break… Well it’s already November! Say What!?!
Can you believe it? Time sure is flying by! Before you know it, we’ll all be sitting around the boob tube after fattenen’ up after Turkey Day dinner, pondering what the heck are we going to eat for Christmas Dinner, who’s house we goen’ to and what the next HOT buy is.

Last year I picked the teens up their I-pods, (I’m still broke by the way…) and this year those darn things are out dated! Oh well!! The middle teen wants a PSP, she is my IT chic, she has hooked her brother up with his PSP, which HE bought himself. Heck Yes! (What do I look like an ATM?) He saved his B-day $, and traded in the Game Cube with games, all I had to help with was $20. So now let the games begin, and I don’t mean the game it self, I mean the fights are on. Middle teen fights with boy teen about play time. So I guess I need to send a letter to Santa and Beg for a RAISE and make sure he doesn’t have his reading glasses on when he checks his list twice for who has been naughty or nice. I’m just saying calling your brother a butthead upon other derogatory names will not earn points with the Big guy…

Okay let’s talk about the “Holidays at the Homestead”. Even though opening night was Halloween, we still had a pretty good turn out. Usually the ladies’ who stock and shop are scoping out the antiques, so I didn’t have much hope for my hand-made’s. BUT I did pretty well. I start working this Sat and Sun for the next 6 weeks. I really am looking forward to it!! I will be sure to take pic’s and post.

Till next time Chic’s, stay safe shop for bargains and eat plenty of fiber. That way when you talk to someone, they’ll know you’re not full of crap… I know, I know that was bad. :0)
Have a good 1!!

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vivian said...

hello sunny chick,
your in for the snowman swap. feel free to post the badge on your site and spread the word. there are 16 of us right now. sign up goes until the 9th. so theres room to grow!
please email me all your info.. address and email.
I'll post more info later adn will post partners on the 10th!
I think this is going to be fun fun fun! thanks for signing up!