Sunday, September 28, 2008


Fall is shimmery and peeking thru! I love all the colors. Bursts of Orange and Reds! Makes me all warm and fuzzy!

I did some more creating this weekend.

Here is a Turkey I found and did up real quick from Create & Decorate Holiday issue. These guys are quick and easy I of course did a tweak here and there!

This little handy dandy gadget is a Feather Weights best Friend! I just love this quick little bobbin winder!

Here She is! I love my Feather Weight Singer! Her name is Bizzy Bee! We made Santa Cloths and Hats all weekend!!

Teen Chic #1 came by for some pizza and chit chat! She is a busy gal working and going to school. Her little brother is joining wrestling at school and wants to show everyone what he knows and has learned, Teen chic #2 doesn't play fair and puts him in a head lock right away. And teen chic #2 is too prissy and doesn't like to mess up her long brown hair or smudge her perfect makeup, so the only victim who is willing to be his guinea pig is Skeeter bug, who bites when she has had ENOUGH rough house. Teens and all their hOrMones!! Love them!!

Well Crafty pals till next time, keep them glue guns hot!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Craften I be doing!

Naked Santa's have beards! yep tried a new yarn, once I decide on cloths for these guys, I will spritz some coffee to age the old dudes..

So this weekend has been prosperous. I did some house sitting and made some Z bread, Yum! and sewed up some pillows and some witch's legs. They will have red glittery soes and stripey legs. I will share pic once they get their paint on.

I wanted to share a few fall items I made and picked up. I love the Crow and rusty star. I made these guy's for the show, and in the back you can spy my Crow stitching, fits in a 4x6 frame, and I can't forget about mr. Grins I picked up at Dirty Annies in PA. I just picked up the cute small pumpkin at Gordmans today, they have all their Fall up and are already setting up Christmas!

The Holidays are breathing down our necks!
Guess I better start pinching pennies and figure out what the Teen units want this year. Just last year I swore I was not going shopping on Black Friday, and what did Teen unit #1 make me do at the crack a$$ of DaWn! I found my funkey behind in line at Target... Well this year she don't live here no more.... :-(
BUT if she wants to shop at dawn I will... I miss her... Why do they have to grow up. Seems like yeserday I was holding her hand waiting for the short yellow bus to come pick her for preschool. Her hair in pig tails rosy cheeks with a great big cheesy smile. WAAAAAAA!

Well my crafty pals, I'm off to dream land! Ya all take care and keep them glue guns hot, it's about that time again!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello out there!!

Where in the world have I been?! Well here I am at the Rein fair! And the boys cheesen it up. Love the Rein fair, lots of dressed up folks and a few Pirates to keep you entertained.

I have been a very very busy bee, not only have I started a new job; which I love! Teen chic #1 started college and moved out.. :0( Yes sad day in deed, but she really wants to spread her wings, so mom pouted and let her baby bird fly, with the understanding that she can come home anytime she wants… BUT not only to do laundry ...

I have been sewing like the breeze!

I was able to cut some snowmen, 100 of the little guys. I love the smell of fresh cut pine and a fresh coat of wood stain, truly gives me a high... No it's not the stain that is making me high... well maybe just a little...

lol :0)

Here you can see some sheep and a few stitching's! AND LOTS of pins! Pumpkins, black cats and Annie heads.

I also Put together several pin and earrings sets.

They were ornaments that I put together as earrings and pins. These are my quick sales. I still have sooooo much more to show and share.

I am getting ready for the Holidays at the Homestead to start. Oct 30th to Dec. 7. I can’t wait!!

Isn't she sweet?

I still have naked pail Santa's and a naked Jack frost. SEE I still have so much to get done!!

AND last but not least my bestest bud ever from Nocturnal Knit Witch has decided to fly her broom my way to stay a week in October!! Whoot Whoot!!

I feel Fall sneeking around the corner, our mornings are cooler, and I spyed a few leaves turning brown. I love this time of year. I wish we had this weather all year round...

Well all my crafty pals, I'm back! I'm a working busy fool and will try my dangdest to keep up with my blogg. Leave a note to say hay!! Till next time, have a good one!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howdy out There!!

Yep! It has been insane. I will be starting a new job come Monday. So to recap, I had been looking into finding something that would get me more money but not have to drive too far (gas prices are sucking the life out of me!), but not a drastic change from what I do now. Still working with the military but now thru the government no longer thru a contract that can be pulled at anytime... I feel I can now breath easy.

Still crafting like a mad women. I REALLY hope to get some of my craft pics up soon, just can't seem to get myself together. I really have been accomplishing stuff.

My bestest buddy may be coming to see little ol me in October!! That makes me grin like a donkey eating thistles...

Well all, i hope to get back in touch real soon! Take care!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She's growing up!

She's done with High school! Now what?? Here "R", teen chic #1 is with her Bio-Dad. They haven't seen each other for about 15 1/2 years (baby daddy drama, wont get into that now). So the reuion was nice for the both of them. Life does funny things and circles that I thought would never close did on Thursday 05/15/08...

So of course we had to see how much they are a like, funny the child really never new him, only new of him and they are so much alike it is almost scary, things they say, mannerisims, and look I finally see where she got her 10 1/2 sasquach feet from!

I get my feather weight back today I will share pics as soon as..... well I'm working on it!! ;0)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where have I gone?????

Where in the world have I been?! I know I have been a very lazy blogger! Sorry to those who sometimes stop by! I promise when life slows a bit I will try harder!

So for those who do care, I will catch you up. I have done some collecting, there for a while I had the urge to go to local thrift stores and antique stores and have found some pretty major finds, I got a large picnic Longaberger picnic basket for ONLY $40, and it still has the logo tag, you bet I snagged that deal! I have now collected over the past few months 6 large and one small picnic baskets with wooden lids. I plan to use to transport my goodies to shows and heck some day I may plan a really big PICNIC!!

Okay something else that has distracted me is my love of reading, I re-read "Gone with the Wind". Love that book, and had to watch the movie, of course to truly appreciate the story you really should read the book, the movie is missing some pretty major characters. so then I couldn't stop there I had the bug, so I picked up "Scarlett" loved the book didn't care for the movie. So then I did a random search and low and behold the story didn't end there I found "Rhett Butlers People" I really did enjoy this book too. Different ending than in Scarlett because of different writers but still a very good read. And since I have Scarlett and Rhett fever and of course the interest I have for the Civil War I found a couple other stories to fill my mind.
I have also found some letters written to loved ones during the Civil War. Interesting, people just don't think or love that way anymore...

I just love that era. I once had a fortune teller tell me I was a wife of a farmer who then became a soldier from the South who died during Gettysburg's and she also added I and my children starved to death. Maybe that's why I have a problem not turning food down in this life time. If you could only see my Buddha belly now! ;)
AND I have a Senior who will be graduating MAY 15th. SOOOOO I have been very busy with her researching colleges, grants, loans, dresses, shoes preparing for family to visit oh we made our own invitations 100, working on a menu for the grad post party, I think I may lose my mind very soon.

I even have worked on a few things not a lot. So as soon as the smoke has settled I get on the move and take more pics and make more time. SO bare with me!!

Monday, March 17, 2008