Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Witching all and everyone a Spook-Tacular Halloween!
Stay safe!
Open your mind to magical worlds!
Control your chocolate and sugar intake,
so you don't look like this poor little Zombie Dude early tomrrow morning.

Party like a Rock Star!!

Best Witches!! Debe

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holidays At the Homestead!!

Yippeee! Holidays at the Homestead Kicks of for early birds tomorrow 3 to 6! Then will officially be open Nov. 1 thru Dec 9th Thursday thru Sunday 10 a.m-4 p.m.
Can ya tell I'm just a little excited! What can I say, I am a dork! I love the smell, the antiques, the wonderful artists with thier unique arts and crafts on display. And I just love the old primitive house. It just seems to take you back to a simpler time. Here is a picture of the house. The City has placed a large potted Pine tree on the front porch for our Holiday show. Very cool little place, with lots of history. My kids swear it is haunted. Maybe, you can definantly feel an energy in the attic where the 5 children slept.
I will have to take a pic of the stove. Wow! I would love to live in this little house. It is smack dab in the middle of the city, BUT; there are many acres that have been preserved for this area, a little creek runs next to it and last year during a dusting of snow I was able to witness a large coyote stock and capture a bunny. Cool yet disturbing... The only problem is I have to admit, is there is NO bathroom, so when the need is pushing at you, you have to trek up a hill to another farm house that has facilities. Not bad unless it is snowing...

Well my crafty Gals, till next time keep your brushes clean your cameras ready for pics, for your next blogging adventure!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snow? Drop off and Really Cool finds!

This is teen chic #2, this was last Sunday, our first snow. Gone by the middle of the week.

Skeeter thought we had lost our ever lovin' minds when we took her out that morning. She is the sun Goddess, She was not happy to go out and take care of bizness!

Well I delivered my goods to the farm. I was able to do a quick run thru the house to see all the furniture another vendor dropped off, some REALLY cool things. Can’t wait to get in there and snoop!!

Here are some pics I took before drop off. The sled was picked up in PA almost 6 years ago while stationed there, along with the white ice skates, I freshened it some, they had been in storage for the past three years being neglected, so I hope they find a good home with a cool front porch.

Here is O’Bessie full to the gills, you can see my rusty milk can I picked up in Washington many, many moons ago, along with the white wash tub and white/blue rimmed bucket. I know I can hear it now, why on earth are you getting rid of those? Well, they have lived in storage for the past three years taking up allot of space, and well I don’t think I will be moving out any time soon, so I hope they will find a home to be displayed and appreciated…I will miss them… I have drug a ton of stuff all over while in the military with my X, and now that I am somewhat settled with extreme limited space it is time to purge some items that will be better off somewhere else...

Some day when I have the guts I will share my storage pics and a little of the story behind them…. As the infamous Scarlet O’Hara once said, “After all, tomorrow is another day” (Heavy sigh)

Okay, so this morning, my mother wakes me up early to see if I want to go do some shopping... Heck yes! I was born to shop:0)
So we go this little thrift shop she found, so we go in and I zero in on a few crocks well more like three crocks later, I look under a table and what do my peepers find...

Heck YES!! I find a Longaberger Basket..Yea Me!! Girl let me tell you how slick I thought I was.

So the basket was full of all kinds of stuff well crap mostly, so I drag it to the counter hopping I don't look conspicuouse and I ask the lady if the basket was for sell, she said "yea, do you want the stuff in it too?"
naaa, how much would it be without it all...?? $1.00... Say What?!
I thought I would faint, but I didn't want her to see my reaction and raise the price, so like I was doing her a favor, "Okay, I'll take it... She bags it and the crocks, all for the amazing price of $9.65.

I rushed to O'Bessie did a quick inspection, did a little wiggle and shake and squealed Yea Meeeee! Only my mother saw I'm sure...

Here Skeeter bug is finally happy to be out side in 73 degree weather, with a treat that grandma saved for just her.

Well my crafty gal pals! till next time, keep your glue guns ready and loaded, your glitter close by and a good book at your bed side!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you had your Mammo?

Okay, I did it. My first time ever I went and had a base line mammo done. All morning I was fretting about going, I sweated all my deodorant off, and just didn't know what to expect. The funny thing is , I work in the medical field. I have prepared many patients for their exams, now I was on the receiving end.
First off, it wasn't that bad. No they didn't remove my breast, no my breast was not made to look like a pan cake, and yes it was tad bit uncomfortable, and you can't breath when they snap the pic, but over all, I had a pleasant experience. The good news, it only took maybe 15 minutes.
I am fortunate to not have breast cancer in my family. But now days there are other factors that can cause this horrible disease. so if anything, I hope to encourage all my sisters and even my brothers to go and do it.

Busy Bee!!

The clock is a tic-tocking away…. I have been a very busy little bee! I have everything tagged and in the car ready to take to the Farm for display. I will take a pic of my overloaded vehicle. Poor Bessie! If it isn’t the kids keeping her dirty and messed up it’s me over loading her…

Next Wednesday Oct 31 is the day!! I will then officially have 3 jobs for six weeks. My full time Monday thru Friday 40 hour week job that pays the bills and gives us insurance yuck! The part-time job that gets me off my behind for two hours a night Monday thru Friday cleaning a preschool. Then my 6 week every Saturday and Sunday 7 hours a day to chit chat and gab with the gals about primitives, crafting and other craft shows. I’m busy bee! I don't think I would have it any other way thou... Maybe a rich half blind dude could come into my life and make it a little easier.... NAAAAAAA! I'm good!

And last, even though I live smack dab in the city, I have a little farmer at home. True nuff, every time she leaves a deposit on the lawn she makes sure to power rake when she’s done!

Till next time! Keep those busy hands a craften , sip a cup of tea with a friend and don’t forget to breath. The Craft shows are about to Open up in most city’s, hope ya all find some treasures

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Few Things I can’t live Without!

No matter where I have wondered in this great big o' world I have always drug a stitching hoop and or a crochet needle with me, along with a ball of colored string and or a ball of yarn. Here are a few things that are never too far out of reach…

Love, Love, love my Light Tracer! Fabulous little gadget. Makes transferring multiple projects that much quicker. Two thumbs up.

My new nifty crafters Iron. Love this little gadget, Has many purposes. And my little fold up go any where except airplane rides to Hawaii, scissors. Love those little guys, I have about three pairs, they are sharp and very mobile. Why do you have three you ask?? Just in case I miss place one I always have a back up. :0)

My punch needle hoop, which I use for stitching. It has a much tighter grip.

I have a confession I’m afraid of punch needleling (not sure that is even a word?...) I tried it on a whim one day with no real directions and well lets just say it wasn’t pretty. Words were said, string was pulled fabric was ripped, so all my punch needle supplies sits in a drawer in time out… I plan to conquer at a later date, maybe after I have finally conquered those dadgum granny squares… (heavy sigh) They still are turning into circles…

Another item that I love, and have many of is my Water Erasable Blue tracer marker. Who ever invented these little babies I could kiss.

Then there is the umpteen yards of muslin, multi purpose and functional and inexpensive, if I say so myself.

And as you can see I be a stitchen fool. The cat/ Halloween candy stitching is taken from my Moon sis at Nocturnal Knit Witch’s tattoo. I had one already stitched and when I was in getting MY tattoo, we showed Billy, he examined it and
said, "Huh! looks like hard work." Say What?!
I think Tattooing someone’s skin permanently is a lot of hard work, I mess up I grumble and pull out string, he messes up, “OOPs my bad”, and you are stuck with a droopy something on your tucus FOREVER…
Billy does FABULOUS work by the way…

And last but not least my “Don’t look back” sampler from a coloring book page. I have one done for myself. This will be for my Teen chic #2. I’ll go into tea dying at a later date. I have already written a novel. Whew!! Wouldn’t want your eye balls to get all googly! Ta Ta for now all my crafty blogger's!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cubical sweet Cubical

This is my cubical away from home! As you can see I bring my Prim corky way where ever I wonder :0/ Plus I can show off some of the little things my busy hands love to create.

So in this pic you can see the many stitching's I have done, and there is Santa sitting behind the Hawaiian Leigh's my boss gave me before I left for Hawaii. I work for the Military so can you tell I hold a little patriotic heart??

The Teddy pic I had stitched from a stamp copy, then my secret of soft color is using artist chalks. I'm in the process of stitching a really cool tattoo my moon sis had done, I will show the three steps I do to make it pop.

In the next pic's you can see my babies kinda, and yes Matt Mc-Hottie! and you see my candy; I'm trying to be good about that, it's just that sometimes when talking to folks it's best I put something IN my mouth if no one can put their hand OVER my mouth.
Momma always says,"if ya ain't got nothin' nice to say, don't say nothin' at all".

In this you can kinda see my three babies a little better, I have a senior this year and we are researching colleges. She is such a brainiac.
All three kids are incredibly smart, all those cells must have laid dormant in me and I kindly passed them to my chitlins....

Any who, I went to the locker today and left the dad gum camera in the car, I only have an hour lunch, so I priced a few things and found my Halloween box and decided to bring some of those goodies to my cubical.

Give me a break, I live in limited space, so I can only decorate in limited space ;0(... Wait till I show pics of my lockers (heavy sigh...)

Okay back to this pic, see mister skully head, he was a bad boy and was boiled in the cauldron. hee hee hee!!! (my attempt at a witches laugh via computer...)

Well here's wishing ya all good un! Till next blog stop....

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hello!! Okay I know I have been a very bad blogger! I'm still getting the hang of it. Trying to get my images uploaded and in the right place... So bare with me! ;^)

This is Skeeter Bug, waiting to shake hands for a yum yum! and the other is of her sporting her new knitted coat from her step mommy in Hawaii!
It is Chilly here, so the jacket is perfect! Thanks Moon Sista!!

Funny thing, I had to call Moon chick to help me get assistance with my posting. I have NO patience when it comes to things I haven't figured out yet, so I'm yelling at my kids to stop fighting, stop tormenting the dog, so I can think and type and try to spell right all at the same time. I really I am trying to multi task...

Okay, I promised some pics of the few things I have been working on for the 6 week craft bizarre that is coming up VERY soon. Most of my items are in storage waiting to be priced, Here are a few goodies that have been patiently waiting for some tweaking. Most everything I make is my design. I have created ornaments of all kinds, pillows, jewelry, pins a combination of folky, country and primitive. I design, sew, crochet, you can kinda see the Afghan, I tried to learn to knit, not yet there. Moon chick and I took a Granny square class in Hawaii, but now my squares are circles. I guess I will have to conquer that at a later date.. I love to cut and play with wood, my favorite place was the garage with all my power tools. They too are in storage...:^(

So as you can see this is just a sampling of what my busy hands have been up too. I craft on the side, believe it or not I have two jobs and manage to squeeze my creative energy in between three teens a dog oh and I live with my parents.... Again. Life is swell...

I am planning a trip to the locker to start pricing, I will take more pics to share!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what ya all think. It's cool to see how many people have snuk a peek and where you all are from. ;^)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Howdy! well I made it home. I will have to play with my camera and take some pics of all the goodies I have slaved over for the past few months getting ready for a show, 6 week craft bizarre at "Holidays at the Homestead". Opening day will be October 31st!! can't wait.

I had such a blast with my moon chic while in HI! The minute I got on the plane I was sad and already missing her ;0( the plane ride from HI was great, but the last stretch home ride was from out of this world, I sat in front of a two year old that had lungs like an opera singer! She did not stop until we landed. Thought I was gonna get postal on flight 968!!

So now it's back to the grind! I'll check back with ya all in a day or two. I have to fight three teen's for computer time at home. Which is where I can play and get pictures down loaded. So bare with me!! Ta Ta for now!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aloha Braaa.....

Aloha!! Yep I'm visiting my Bestest Bud Moon AKA nocturnal knit witch, in Hawaii!! And she has hooked me up, took me all over the Rock. We have shopped, we have eaten, we have crafted and we have had a BlAst!

This Breath taking view is from the East Shore of the Island, the wind was tragic on my hair but the view was fabulouse...

We had just left the Swap meet, been to China town, parking was a drag, had a out standing brunch, and did some shopping. Have to get all those chotski items for the family at home.

The pic below is Moon baby and Sunny chic cheesen it up!
Tommarrow we are off to the beach for some sun and fun!!