Monday, November 26, 2007

Mail and a Crafty chicken?!

Yup!! I mailed out my Swaps Monday! My "Swap" Gal pals, you should be seeing the Fed Ex dude pulling up in about three or so days! "Doink!!" (I forgot to take a pic of the stocking I made!) Hey Midlife Momma, would ya could ya please take a pic for me!?

Here are a few things I have been working on! These little "Believe" snow dudes, were fun and quick to create, I made about 12 ornaments and 4 hang-a-bouts to put in the Homestead, and all but three of the ornaments have sold. Just when I think I'm almost done creating, I am sucked back in... I love to craft & create! I do! I wish that was all I could do... My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, and my hands never seem to rest. Guess I shouldn't complain, people are buying, I am making moola and I'm enjoying every second of it. Two more weekends and no more Homestead 'till next season.:0(

Here are a few more things I have been stitching, I try to do three at a time. (my magic #) I will stain and frame before Saturday. See I told you my hands wont sit still.

Well my Crafty Gal Pals! We got Snow this morning, so drive safe! Shop for good sales! Sip some hot coco, close your eyes and breath in!

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