Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holidays at the Homestead!

Howdy all! Thought I would post a few pics of the Homestead.

Here is a pic of teen boy, he was helping mom bag everyone’s treasures.. He is a good helper! Those are some long days in that small house. Sunday was unseasonably HOT.

We had really good traffic and we still have 5 more weeks to go! There are over 40 vendors, and we all seem to be doing pretty well. I have done fantastic I must say. I now have to get my busy little fingers nimble and get back on that stitching frenzy… Whew! Those have been my big buys, and my Santa dolls, ALL gone. Ornaments are flying as well. I even put together some seasonal pins and earrings, POW going, going almost gone. I’m getting dizzy (dizzier from the peanut gallery thank you very much! :0) So bare with me if it seems I’m missing from space, I’m also getting ready for my exciting stocking swap and snowman ornament swap! My mind is a buzzen….

This is the cozy kitchen, lot's of goodies! The Sweet Pickles and jalapeno jelly YUM!

The front of the Gully House! I already sold my sled.
The living room, isn't the furniture great! The lady who sells it has fabulous taste!

The piano is original to the house. In other words, it is too massive to move, so it will be decorated!

This Tiny room was the bedroom, now it is the everyday room, with purses and nic-nacks and jewelry.

Till next post all you creative chics, don’t forget to breath, eat and bathe! Happy Crafting to all and to all a good Successful Season!!


vivian said...

everything looks great!
hey, I havent recieved you information for the snowman ornament swap. I need your name, address and email address if you still want to be in the group!
hoping to hear from you soon.

Fran said...

WOW!! I love the house. Sounds like you will be busy making more oraments, dolls, etc. to sell. That's great things are selling fast.
Your work is great, you are a very talented lady.
Besides Gone With the Wind & Starbucks, we both love Country Music. The oldies but goodies are the best. I was raised on Country Music. I'm originally from Kentucky.
Working on your Snowman and having lots of fun making it.