Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Medium!

Isn't this a nice pic? Teen chic #2 took it while on a hike at Estes Park this Summer. What you don't see is me hanging on for dear life to a small twig like tree trying to catch my breath. I personally thought I would die that day. I was huffing and puffing up and down that mountain. My face all red my hair all drenched, my legs felt like jello. I'm sure I was a fright show to those who respectfully passed us with a strange smile on their faces. I even had a young girl ask if I was okay. "Fine I growled!" I Told my chunky monkey behind that day to lay off the snick*ers and cheet*oes and get in shape before I truly become humpty dumpty... I am down 22 lbs since that hot July day, (A slow but yet determined process.) and still have about 40 more to go. I'll never see that "highschool" weight, but I sure would like to see something that resembles a human form...
Update on the Crafty Side! Having fun at the Homestead! I'm caught up on the orders, and am diligently working on more goodies to get into the shop! (I need a vacation!)
I have my Stocking done for the Swap! ShAAAWeeeT!!
I am almost done with my Snowman for the Swap! My hopes and plans are to get those off on Monday the 26th! I'm SOOO excited to send them out. I'm still a child at heart!
I am currently on a mad hunt for my camera. When Teen chic#2 and I went to Boulder, we had said camera with us, since then I think O'Bessie has taken it hostage because her insides look like a tornado hit her. Between craft shows, work, three kids treking here and there, shopping and well heck life! OH and unfortunatly I have been meaning to get to the locker with my halloween stuff, it too sits and waits in O' bessie. I guess I don't blame her. I'll be kind and fill her up with way over priced gas, take a trash bag to her rummage thru the mess, promise her I'll get to the lockers before Thanksgiving, and hopefully she will spit it back out...
Well my Crafty Gal Pal's, check those Christmas hidding places twice this year, and the corners in the closets, you'll never know, you may find a last years gift still a hidding.(done that!)
Keep the cubboard stocked with coco and be sure to breath!
Have a Good One!

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Midlife Mom said...

Wow!! You are one busy gal and you've got me beat!!! I'm going to head right down to the ole' sewing room and pick my fabric! I chickened out on the tea staining, should've done it last week when my sister the Master Tea Stainer was here!! Will be looking forward to the stocking arriving!!! Stop by again soon!