Monday, December 3, 2007

YiPPiE!! I Got my Stocking!!

Look What I just got!!! Love Them!! I came home from a long hard day, Both jobs had kicked my back side today, I was looking forward to drowning my woes in a tall glass of Oval*tine, changing into comfy cozy jammies and calling it a night, when low and behold I spy a package with my name on it!! I didn't even pick Skeeter Bug up, I ran to the kitchen with dog and teen chick #2 following close behind and tore in the not so easy to disassemble post office box, (resorted to steak knife) TA-DAAA! And let me tell you how Hard it is to find something with my name spelled the way I spell it! Thank You, Thank You Mid Life Mom!! Teen Chick #2 said, "That's cool mom, she must know that you are the Bag Lady!" Yes I am! Did I say I love them!!

Look at this little treasure! I was restocking the Homestead, we have only one weekend left, and I spy this little treasure. Only one, but so many idea's are rushing thru my mind!
Well my Crafty gal pals, Must help boy teen with home work, finish my choc-milk hang my really cool stocking and fall into dream land before unwanted alarm wakes me before the chickens even have their coffee! Have a good one!


Moon said...

O my god...I should have known, as I sit in my pumpkin jammi bottoms drinking my tall glass O'Ovaltine, you would be doing the
Dont matter what u do girl, we are sooooo connected. ;0)
LOVE the boot and the goodies you got. U deeeeeeserve all the goodies in the world darlin...
Your Moon

Fran said...

What a wonderful find. I love old clothing, shoes, etc. I have several antique clothing items. I have a little girls coat and bonnet that I love.
Hope the Homestead is doing GREAT!!

Midlife Mom said...

I'm so glad you like the things that I made for you!!!! It was a fun swap wasn't it? My computer is down but I got to you through another post so wanted to check and see if your package had arrived yet. (I'm on Hubby's computer) We've had a huge snow storm the last couple of days and it always does a job on my computer but doesn't bother Hubby's at all. Hey! That's not fair! :o(

Anywho, my computer geek will be here on Friday and will fix it for me.

Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon! :o)