Sunday, November 4, 2007

Don't look back!

I have showed in an earlier post of an unfinished stitching of the "Don't look back" stitching, the colored one I made for myself when I first got back to CO for healing purposes. (I may touch on that at a later date when the voices in my head stop yelling!) And the unfinished one is for middle Teen chic. I know it’s not a PSP… I’m still negotiating with Santa and his Elves over that. You know the whole naughty & nice thing; I guess it’s in some concreted contract that if you’re naughty you get coal, in her case a chalked framed piece of art made with luv, sweat and blood (from poking myself umpteen times) from mom. She may still have a chance for the PSP if she STOPS tormenting her brother and the little dog too!!
(luv you sweet bee if you R reading this ;0)

Okay any way, I got this from a coloring page off of, I don’t plan on selling them, and technically I am coloring it SO I’m not infringing on anybody’s toes. (I hope)
After all the stitching, I tea die in heavy instant coffee. (I know doesn’t make since where’s the tea.) I like to use LOTS of cheep generic instant coffee and let it soak for an hour or two and then set out in sun to dry. Works best in the summer. So if there is no sun I resort to the oven at 200 degree heat and keep checking for that just right tint. Then I pull out my artists chalk and make a huge dusty mess. I am contemplating using a new technique that keeps buzzing around in my head. Before I tell, I think I’m gonna try it first just incase the voices in my head are wrong…

Moon chic has been known to describe my stitching technique and my crocheting habit as if I am all tight and puckered up. What can I say?... I’m working on it. As for the stitching, I think it works :<) (luv U moon chic)

Till next time my crafty gal pals, take a moment for yourself, and yes if you have to eat a snickers in the closet, it does mean you have issues, and yes even if you eat it upside down it will still find your back side!!
Have a good 1!


Moon said...

That came out very pretty..I know Bee will love it. Im so happy for you and your success this year at the rule! xoxox me

Midlife Mom said...

Hey Sunny Chic thanks for stopping by! glad we are stocking buddies it will be fun seeings as we both like to craft stuff! I'll e-mail Peggy right now. Am on hubby's computer as mine went down during a big storm this weekend and I haven't gotten it back up yet. I HATE that! Stop by again soon, the coffee pots always on, not really, I don't drink coffee but how about a Diet Co*ke??!! :0)

Midlife Mom said...

Hi hubby deleted your e-mail address from Peggy before I could get it off his computer. Mine is
Hope you get this!