Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving ya all!

Well it's here! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and BLACK Friday is next. Let the Games begin! Does every one have their lists put together? Is anyone going out before the chickens make their coffee to get their start on Christmas? Not me! luckily my kids are older, and well I still have to work that day. Teen Chick #1 told G-ma that it would be cool to go shopping on black Friday. Say What?! Been there and done that, and well disliked it very much so. The "Crazy" comes out in folks, they temporally forget that just the day before they were "Thankful"! So I will keep my just fed full of pumpkin pie behind home, Thank you very much!
I hope ya all have a VERY good Thanksgiving! I wish you and your family well! Remember those who are far away from home, and truly look around you and see what you are Thankful for.

Brightest Blessings! Have a good one!


Fran said...

LOL Some of the stores in Las Vegas are opening at 4 A.M. & 6 A.M. Walmart stays open 24hrs as all ways.
Sad to say I'm not going shopping on Friday. Have to work at our perfume shop. We aren't opening early. LOL Opening at our regular hour 10 A.M.

Will be mailing your snowman on Monday. WOOOOOHOOOO Can't wait, this has been a real fun swap.

Fran said...