Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Howdy all! Well the New Year is right there ready to start! Wow, Hard to believe another year has gone. I’m staring at 40 this year. (heavy Sigh!) I’m still 39 for few more months…

Well Christmas came and went with a Bang. Now it’s time for the tare down and closet purg! Yep made my chit-lins go thru cloths and shoes to make room to put in the new, three very large black trash bags later, I feel better. I even got rid of a few of my out dated things. I REALLY need to go thru my lockers and down size… ho hum, guess I’ll think about that later. At least you can see the bottom of our closets… for now…

So I’ve been thinking about making the inevitable New Year Resolutions list, what do I want to promise and break to myself this year?... Always can stand to lose a few pounds, guess I won’t resolution that one ‘cuz it never seems to work. Guess I need to learn to speak up and out more and stop being such a push over. Hum… How do I do that?? Any Ideas?
Let’s see, maybe I should go back to school and get a little more edu-macation to try and make more money so I can move out of ma and pa’s. Hum that sounds good. School starts in the fall, maybe spring, guess I need to look into that more. Teen chic #2 maybe leaving the nest to conquer college, guess I could show the other two teens mom can do it too. Hum! So that’s two, guess I still have some thinking to do if I have to come up with a list. Maybe I should add, “maybe I will try harder to not be such a procrastinator”. Guess I’ll think about that later too… Hee hee!

Well ya all, I will add “I will take more pics of crafty things I make” to my list and wish all a very Great New Yearll! Have a good one! Know when to let someone else take the wheel and Chill!! :0)

Bustin’ at the Seams!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Howdy all!

Well, I have been shopping! I am almost done. I took last Thursday and Friday off, and wouldn't you know it, I pull my back doing laundry!OUCH!! I had drugs from previous injury, so I didn't need to make a trip to the doctor. But it really bites! I am a true trooper though I went shopping any way! Mom and I hit all the stores we could, had a little lunch and shopped till we dropped! Three days in a row we trudged out in the snow with other crazy shoppers and did our thing. It was fun! Got most of what we needed, still need a few more things and that will be it.
Can you believe this time next week it will be Christmas eve?! wow! This month has flown by. We had a pretty good snow spill last week, so maybe we will still have snow on Christmas.
I haven't down loaded pictures in a while. Forgive me, Teen chic #2 still has camera and is using it to video plays for friends, so as soon as I can confiscate it back, I will update ya all on some projects I have been working on and a few that I have finally got done!
Till next time my Crafty gal Pals! Have a good one!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Whew! I am SOOOOO happy it's Friday! I thought the Holidays were supposed to help man kind find the spirit of the season or at least help them find their happy place?! Guess not this past week... It has been CrAzY!!

Well it is the last weekend for Holidays at the Homestead! ;0( I will miss it! BUT, I am planning on doing TWO shows next year. This is a huge commitment on my part considering how thin my time is spread, so believe it or not I am already starting my projects for next year. Last night I traced lots of snowmen, penguins and Crows! I will be a stitching fool!!

Our Mountains are getting LOT'S of snow, we are still dry here in the city. They threaten some snow tomorrow. You never know with Colorado, I have always said that Mother Nature here is always on PMS, ya never know what she is gonna do!

Well my Crafty gal pals, Santa is checking his list's twice, reindeer are in training and hopefully eating less fiber! Check your chimney's to make sure they are clear and safe for the Big Guy's late night arrival!
Have a Good one!

Monday, December 3, 2007

YiPPiE!! I Got my Stocking!!

Look What I just got!!! Love Them!! I came home from a long hard day, Both jobs had kicked my back side today, I was looking forward to drowning my woes in a tall glass of Oval*tine, changing into comfy cozy jammies and calling it a night, when low and behold I spy a package with my name on it!! I didn't even pick Skeeter Bug up, I ran to the kitchen with dog and teen chick #2 following close behind and tore in the not so easy to disassemble post office box, (resorted to steak knife) TA-DAAA! And let me tell you how Hard it is to find something with my name spelled the way I spell it! Thank You, Thank You Mid Life Mom!! Teen Chick #2 said, "That's cool mom, she must know that you are the Bag Lady!" Yes I am! Did I say I love them!!

Look at this little treasure! I was restocking the Homestead, we have only one weekend left, and I spy this little treasure. Only one, but so many idea's are rushing thru my mind!
Well my Crafty gal pals, Must help boy teen with home work, finish my choc-milk hang my really cool stocking and fall into dream land before unwanted alarm wakes me before the chickens even have their coffee! Have a good one!