Friday, November 23, 2007


I lied, I lied, I lied! I did not have inter…… (Wrong person wrong lie!) (snicker, snicker!) Yes I lied to ya all! I have temporally lost my ever loven’ freaken mind! I subjected myself to the infamous BLACK FRIDAY!! (dun dun dun) (attempt at dark scary music)

I received an SOS from Santa and elves, after many hours of contemplating and scrutinizing, I was told from a good source that Teen chic #2 was in-fact on the nice list, and indeed deserved the said PSP game thingy. That being said, just for the heck of it I took a peek at all the BLACK FRIDAY (dun dun dun) adds. And the elves pointed out that Tar*get had a special. (CRAP!) Those dadgum puppy dog eyes and the million, Please, Please Please MOM! Mommy, PLEEEEEEEAAAASE! I’ll clean my room, I’ll clean the whole house, I’ll clean up dog poo for the rest of my life! PLEEEASE MOMMY!!!! I’ll never call my wonderful brother another bad name ever, Ever again! PLEEEEEASE!!! So after she cleaned the bathroom with her toothbrush…. (just kidding,… maybe later! I do feel a little power thou!) After a long mournful contemplation and finally peeling Teen chic #2 from out of my bee-hind, I said, “I guess. Say What?!

SO at 5:00 am, the alarm beeps me awake, one eyeball opened and brain still foggy from the overdose of pumpkin pie and cool whip, I crawl out of bed bumped in the dark to the shower trying to convince myself that I am doing this out of love! I think what really kept me going was that Star*bucks will be open and on my priority list of things to do. "Do they provide or sell coffee in IV form or Super Size them?!"

We pull into the dark parking lot, for a brief moment I thought, “Nobody in their right mind will be out at this insane freezing hour….” I was wrong, the line was all around the back of the building, my survival instincts kicked in, “get out! Get out! Get in line NOW before those people! RUN! RUN!! RUN!” We were there at 5:55 AM! And the line wrapped around the flippin’ building!! So we stood there proud of ourselves that we beat a few dozen people to get in the BACK of the line, did I mention it was FREEZING! So we stood there shivering, rubbing our hands together and marching in palce puffing smoke out our mouths and noses. I was planning a reconnaissance with Teen chic #2. Finally the line begins to move, as we make our way around the building I spy people who are standing at the front of the building, and me daring and whispering under my breath, “don’t EVEN think about cutting in line, I’ll get my karate on!” Wasn’t I giving Thanks the day before?? So I relay to teen chic #2 what she needs to do, and be sure to dodge and weave in and out, cuz I’m a chubby chic and I would slow us up, we checked our cell phones synchronized our watches and shoved our way into the packed entry way. GO! GO! GO! She took off, I thought I would get a cart, may as well make it worth my while… BAD idea, TOO many poeople! So I left the cart wiggled and squeezed my way to the insanely crowded electronic section, people yelling for cameras, some guitar game and those huge plasma TV’s. I squeeze my way to the PSP section; the one we want is GONE! I quickly grab my cell, punch her number, “Did ya get it?!” I yell in the phone. YES!! She screeches, “I’m in line!” I maneuver my way thru the line of sardines; I find Teen chic with a huge GRIN on her face we high five each other! Look MOM!! Cool I say! Did you get a game? Her grin drops! Run Girl! Run like the wind! I’ll stay in line…

After all is said and done, we got the PSP thingy with a game a few other items and we made it home by 7:00 a.m. I am now at work, and YES I am really on my second cup of Star*bucks. (Boss lady brought one in for us!) My scalp is tingly, eyes feel heavy, have a little heart burn from too much coffee, but I am pleased with myself, And Teen chic is happy….. for now!

Well all my crafty Gal pals! I hope to find ya all warm and cozy in your beds! Forgive me lying to you! I really had NOT planned on subjecting myself into the commercialized retail psycho world of shopping! Have a good one!!


Midlife Mom said...

You are VERY brave to subject yourself to Black Friday!!!! I was cozy in my bed and glad to be there! I did go riding this morning though and it was a bit chilly but we rode in the inside arena and that helped. Outside was just too darned windy coming off the river!

Will get your stocking in the mail next week!! :o)

Moon said...

YOU are a nut. But since we have been best pals for many many years, you and I both know how much of a nut you are. (Im a nut too..)Im glad you survived the crush. You are far braver then I...I wouldtn dare leave the house today. Not even for free baby alpaca yarn. (in shabby pink to boot)
Im glad you scored and survived!
xoxoxoxo me

Fran said...

Yes, you are very brave to go out on Black Friday. I don't go. LOL
My daughter's go every time. I'm not brave enough. :-)

Snowman going in the mail tomorrow.

vivian said...

got your comment on my blog! a couple people have told me that their snowmen are done and mailed! mines done.. I just have trouble taking myself to the postoffice!!
I came by hoping to see a posted picture of your snowman! did you take any pictures? what did you make him out of? what did he look like? huh huh huh????
obnoxious arent I?
have a great afternoon!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog!
Sandra Evertson