Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snow? Drop off and Really Cool finds!

This is teen chic #2, this was last Sunday, our first snow. Gone by the middle of the week.

Skeeter thought we had lost our ever lovin' minds when we took her out that morning. She is the sun Goddess, She was not happy to go out and take care of bizness!

Well I delivered my goods to the farm. I was able to do a quick run thru the house to see all the furniture another vendor dropped off, some REALLY cool things. Can’t wait to get in there and snoop!!

Here are some pics I took before drop off. The sled was picked up in PA almost 6 years ago while stationed there, along with the white ice skates, I freshened it some, they had been in storage for the past three years being neglected, so I hope they find a good home with a cool front porch.

Here is O’Bessie full to the gills, you can see my rusty milk can I picked up in Washington many, many moons ago, along with the white wash tub and white/blue rimmed bucket. I know I can hear it now, why on earth are you getting rid of those? Well, they have lived in storage for the past three years taking up allot of space, and well I don’t think I will be moving out any time soon, so I hope they will find a home to be displayed and appreciated…I will miss them… I have drug a ton of stuff all over while in the military with my X, and now that I am somewhat settled with extreme limited space it is time to purge some items that will be better off somewhere else...

Some day when I have the guts I will share my storage pics and a little of the story behind them…. As the infamous Scarlet O’Hara once said, “After all, tomorrow is another day” (Heavy sigh)

Okay, so this morning, my mother wakes me up early to see if I want to go do some shopping... Heck yes! I was born to shop:0)
So we go this little thrift shop she found, so we go in and I zero in on a few crocks well more like three crocks later, I look under a table and what do my peepers find...

Heck YES!! I find a Longaberger Basket..Yea Me!! Girl let me tell you how slick I thought I was.

So the basket was full of all kinds of stuff well crap mostly, so I drag it to the counter hopping I don't look conspicuouse and I ask the lady if the basket was for sell, she said "yea, do you want the stuff in it too?"
naaa, how much would it be without it all...?? $1.00... Say What?!
I thought I would faint, but I didn't want her to see my reaction and raise the price, so like I was doing her a favor, "Okay, I'll take it... She bags it and the crocks, all for the amazing price of $9.65.

I rushed to O'Bessie did a quick inspection, did a little wiggle and shake and squealed Yea Meeeee! Only my mother saw I'm sure...

Here Skeeter bug is finally happy to be out side in 73 degree weather, with a treat that grandma saved for just her.

Well my crafty gal pals! till next time, keep your glue guns ready and loaded, your glitter close by and a good book at your bed side!!

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Peggy said...

Oh I am drooling over the items in the back of your car! Thanks for joining the stocking swap.