Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Busy Bee!!

The clock is a tic-tocking away…. I have been a very busy little bee! I have everything tagged and in the car ready to take to the Farm for display. I will take a pic of my overloaded vehicle. Poor Bessie! If it isn’t the kids keeping her dirty and messed up it’s me over loading her…

Next Wednesday Oct 31 is the day!! I will then officially have 3 jobs for six weeks. My full time Monday thru Friday 40 hour week job that pays the bills and gives us insurance yuck! The part-time job that gets me off my behind for two hours a night Monday thru Friday cleaning a preschool. Then my 6 week every Saturday and Sunday 7 hours a day to chit chat and gab with the gals about primitives, crafting and other craft shows. I’m busy bee! I don't think I would have it any other way thou... Maybe a rich half blind dude could come into my life and make it a little easier.... NAAAAAAA! I'm good!

And last, even though I live smack dab in the city, I have a little farmer at home. True nuff, every time she leaves a deposit on the lawn she makes sure to power rake when she’s done!

Till next time! Keep those busy hands a craften , sip a cup of tea with a friend and don’t forget to breath. The Craft shows are about to Open up in most city’s, hope ya all find some treasures


Shell said...

To my Wing-Sista,

I just read your entire Blog and absolutely love it. I have told for such a long time that you are one talented lady. You have grown so much since you left Lemoore, and so has your crafting and visions.... I love and miss you so much and it was so good to see your smiling face last month. It was sooo short though. We really have to figure out a time and meet half way. Maybe inbetween the hour you half off a WEEK!!! You busy, busy lady. :) I can't wait to hear how you do during the craft fair. Love and hugs to your mom and dad, Aurora, Lizzie,Josh, and yes of course, the queen Skeeter. Love you Wing-siste, Shell xoxoxo

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

It looks like your lil' cutie knows nothin' runs like a Deere! What a sweetheart she is!!
Thanks for stoppin' by blog. Heck, I love your blog too, what fun!
(in my best Schwarzenegger voice) "I'll be back..." :> )
Take care, ~Karin