Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Howdy! well I made it home. I will have to play with my camera and take some pics of all the goodies I have slaved over for the past few months getting ready for a show, 6 week craft bizarre at "Holidays at the Homestead". Opening day will be October 31st!! can't wait.

I had such a blast with my moon chic while in HI! The minute I got on the plane I was sad and already missing her ;0( the plane ride from HI was great, but the last stretch home ride was from out of this world, I sat in front of a two year old that had lungs like an opera singer! She did not stop until we landed. Thought I was gonna get postal on flight 968!!

So now it's back to the grind! I'll check back with ya all in a day or two. I have to fight three teen's for computer time at home. Which is where I can play and get pictures down loaded. So bare with me!! Ta Ta for now!

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Moon said...

Im sorry you had to be abused by an infant on the way What can ya do? You cant eat em...hmmmm, or can u?
I cant wait to see pics of your goodies! love u and miss ya tons..
xoxoxo MoonGirl