Monday, October 15, 2007


Hello!! Okay I know I have been a very bad blogger! I'm still getting the hang of it. Trying to get my images uploaded and in the right place... So bare with me! ;^)

This is Skeeter Bug, waiting to shake hands for a yum yum! and the other is of her sporting her new knitted coat from her step mommy in Hawaii!
It is Chilly here, so the jacket is perfect! Thanks Moon Sista!!

Funny thing, I had to call Moon chick to help me get assistance with my posting. I have NO patience when it comes to things I haven't figured out yet, so I'm yelling at my kids to stop fighting, stop tormenting the dog, so I can think and type and try to spell right all at the same time. I really I am trying to multi task...

Okay, I promised some pics of the few things I have been working on for the 6 week craft bizarre that is coming up VERY soon. Most of my items are in storage waiting to be priced, Here are a few goodies that have been patiently waiting for some tweaking. Most everything I make is my design. I have created ornaments of all kinds, pillows, jewelry, pins a combination of folky, country and primitive. I design, sew, crochet, you can kinda see the Afghan, I tried to learn to knit, not yet there. Moon chick and I took a Granny square class in Hawaii, but now my squares are circles. I guess I will have to conquer that at a later date.. I love to cut and play with wood, my favorite place was the garage with all my power tools. They too are in storage...:^(

So as you can see this is just a sampling of what my busy hands have been up too. I craft on the side, believe it or not I have two jobs and manage to squeeze my creative energy in between three teens a dog oh and I live with my parents.... Again. Life is swell...

I am planning a trip to the locker to start pricing, I will take more pics to share!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what ya all think. It's cool to see how many people have snuk a peek and where you all are from. ;^)

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Debbi said...

Hey Debe, your are one talented lady. I love all the items that you have made. Good luck with your craft show.

If I had all that stuff around me at work, I would never get any work done as I would looking at it all day. lol

Your Skeeter is adorable. Aren't dogs just great. We have 2 and they are the best.

Have fun with your blog.