Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cubical sweet Cubical

This is my cubical away from home! As you can see I bring my Prim corky way where ever I wonder :0/ Plus I can show off some of the little things my busy hands love to create.

So in this pic you can see the many stitching's I have done, and there is Santa sitting behind the Hawaiian Leigh's my boss gave me before I left for Hawaii. I work for the Military so can you tell I hold a little patriotic heart??

The Teddy pic I had stitched from a stamp copy, then my secret of soft color is using artist chalks. I'm in the process of stitching a really cool tattoo my moon sis had done, I will show the three steps I do to make it pop.

In the next pic's you can see my babies kinda, and yes Matt Mc-Hottie! and you see my candy; I'm trying to be good about that, it's just that sometimes when talking to folks it's best I put something IN my mouth if no one can put their hand OVER my mouth.
Momma always says,"if ya ain't got nothin' nice to say, don't say nothin' at all".

In this you can kinda see my three babies a little better, I have a senior this year and we are researching colleges. She is such a brainiac.
All three kids are incredibly smart, all those cells must have laid dormant in me and I kindly passed them to my chitlins....

Any who, I went to the locker today and left the dad gum camera in the car, I only have an hour lunch, so I priced a few things and found my Halloween box and decided to bring some of those goodies to my cubical.

Give me a break, I live in limited space, so I can only decorate in limited space ;0(... Wait till I show pics of my lockers (heavy sigh...)

Okay back to this pic, see mister skully head, he was a bad boy and was boiled in the cauldron. hee hee hee!!! (my attempt at a witches laugh via computer...)

Well here's wishing ya all good un! Till next blog stop....


Moon said...

O my god...Skeeter is the cutest friggin dog ever! And she looks very purdy in her sweater.;0)
You makes the neatest things Sunny girl, you really do. One of your many talents. I like how you decorated your work space...its so hard to get in the mood here in Hawaii. I hate it. sigh...I look forward to seeing much more!!!
xoxo Me

bornwitchy said...

Alway been a big fan of all your artwork!!!! Can't find cool stuff like yours in TN. Like how you decorated your space! Later gartor,the bunny