Friday, October 19, 2007

A Few Things I can’t live Without!

No matter where I have wondered in this great big o' world I have always drug a stitching hoop and or a crochet needle with me, along with a ball of colored string and or a ball of yarn. Here are a few things that are never too far out of reach…

Love, Love, love my Light Tracer! Fabulous little gadget. Makes transferring multiple projects that much quicker. Two thumbs up.

My new nifty crafters Iron. Love this little gadget, Has many purposes. And my little fold up go any where except airplane rides to Hawaii, scissors. Love those little guys, I have about three pairs, they are sharp and very mobile. Why do you have three you ask?? Just in case I miss place one I always have a back up. :0)

My punch needle hoop, which I use for stitching. It has a much tighter grip.

I have a confession I’m afraid of punch needleling (not sure that is even a word?...) I tried it on a whim one day with no real directions and well lets just say it wasn’t pretty. Words were said, string was pulled fabric was ripped, so all my punch needle supplies sits in a drawer in time out… I plan to conquer at a later date, maybe after I have finally conquered those dadgum granny squares… (heavy sigh) They still are turning into circles…

Another item that I love, and have many of is my Water Erasable Blue tracer marker. Who ever invented these little babies I could kiss.

Then there is the umpteen yards of muslin, multi purpose and functional and inexpensive, if I say so myself.

And as you can see I be a stitchen fool. The cat/ Halloween candy stitching is taken from my Moon sis at Nocturnal Knit Witch’s tattoo. I had one already stitched and when I was in getting MY tattoo, we showed Billy, he examined it and
said, "Huh! looks like hard work." Say What?!
I think Tattooing someone’s skin permanently is a lot of hard work, I mess up I grumble and pull out string, he messes up, “OOPs my bad”, and you are stuck with a droopy something on your tucus FOREVER…
Billy does FABULOUS work by the way…

And last but not least my “Don’t look back” sampler from a coloring book page. I have one done for myself. This will be for my Teen chic #2. I’ll go into tea dying at a later date. I have already written a novel. Whew!! Wouldn’t want your eye balls to get all googly! Ta Ta for now all my crafty blogger's!!

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Moon said...

you know what? Im gonna post a tutorial on my blog of how to do a granny square with nice big close up pictures...!!
I'll get started on that feeling more perky.
xo me