Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you had your Mammo?

Okay, I did it. My first time ever I went and had a base line mammo done. All morning I was fretting about going, I sweated all my deodorant off, and just didn't know what to expect. The funny thing is , I work in the medical field. I have prepared many patients for their exams, now I was on the receiving end.
First off, it wasn't that bad. No they didn't remove my breast, no my breast was not made to look like a pan cake, and yes it was tad bit uncomfortable, and you can't breath when they snap the pic, but over all, I had a pleasant experience. The good news, it only took maybe 15 minutes.
I am fortunate to not have breast cancer in my family. But now days there are other factors that can cause this horrible disease. so if anything, I hope to encourage all my sisters and even my brothers to go and do it.

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Moon said...

ooooooo booby squishing. ick.
I know, I know..I need to suck it up, pull up my big girl panties and get one done. sigh...
Growing older SUX!
anywho...cant wait to see your stuff for the show and ya know...i miss you terribly girl..I reeeeally do.
xoxo Me