Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hulloooo out there!

Wow! Where have I been?! WORKING!! my hours changed so I work later on main job, which makes it later on 2nd job, not to mention this cuts into kid time, so computer time has to be on the down low at main job... SHHHHHH!

Plus my father had surgery, so I have been helping out with stuff around the house. Let's just say the new year proves to be very busy so far...

I have managed to squeeze in some craft time in, I know you have see the pic below, I have them done now and will down load pics of them very soon, (need to shuv a teen in the closet long enough to steal computer time at home, only place I can down load pics!)

I used a new technique, I used colored pencils. I know, Say What?! They will be framed so I'm not worried about fading. Must say they turned out well!

Also, I had some help from my best bud in in Hawaii with figuring out some new sewing techs, I learned how to make a ball for a head, I'll show pics of my version of "Samuel McFrosty". Coming soon. See I usually worked with wood, love the smell of all woods, and the varnish and all that, (cave women in me!)I truly miss my saws and sanders and all my tools..... (heavy sigh!) But now I live in limited space I've had to adjust my crafty side with learning how to sew and other nifty new crafty things to keep my busy hands working. So please stay tuned, I WILL get my stuff out there!

Have a good One!

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