Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Howdy all! Well the New Year is right there ready to start! Wow, Hard to believe another year has gone. I’m staring at 40 this year. (heavy Sigh!) I’m still 39 for few more months…

Well Christmas came and went with a Bang. Now it’s time for the tare down and closet purg! Yep made my chit-lins go thru cloths and shoes to make room to put in the new, three very large black trash bags later, I feel better. I even got rid of a few of my out dated things. I REALLY need to go thru my lockers and down size… ho hum, guess I’ll think about that later. At least you can see the bottom of our closets… for now…

So I’ve been thinking about making the inevitable New Year Resolutions list, what do I want to promise and break to myself this year?... Always can stand to lose a few pounds, guess I won’t resolution that one ‘cuz it never seems to work. Guess I need to learn to speak up and out more and stop being such a push over. Hum… How do I do that?? Any Ideas?
Let’s see, maybe I should go back to school and get a little more edu-macation to try and make more money so I can move out of ma and pa’s. Hum that sounds good. School starts in the fall, maybe spring, guess I need to look into that more. Teen chic #2 maybe leaving the nest to conquer college, guess I could show the other two teens mom can do it too. Hum! So that’s two, guess I still have some thinking to do if I have to come up with a list. Maybe I should add, “maybe I will try harder to not be such a procrastinator”. Guess I’ll think about that later too… Hee hee!

Well ya all, I will add “I will take more pics of crafty things I make” to my list and wish all a very Great New Yearll! Have a good one! Know when to let someone else take the wheel and Chill!! :0)

Bustin’ at the Seams!


Fran said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Here's to a wonderful 2008 for all of us.
Look forward to seeing what you create in 2008. I'm making a list and hope I can do it all. :-)

Moon said...

You??? a push over??? Are you talking about the same Sunny girl? Paalease, U are one tough chickie.
My vote is for the school....u may have to pull the "bitch" card to get it done (u know how your mom is) but my vote is for you to hit the school books and get the hell outa colorado.
wuuuv u! xo your moonie