Thursday, January 24, 2008

I see Crows!

Yep that there is a bag of unfinished Crows! I have about 30 or so of the little critters. My fingers are tired! They are all stuffed and ready for paint and distressing, then a good dunk into a mixture of dark coffee and Cinnamon. Then I will dress them all up with a hat and rusty bell (which will also take a dunk in said mixture).

These guys did great at the Homestead this year.

Here is an example of one when they are done!

I have been making these dudes for a while now, I think I found the pattern in a issue of some ornament book/magazine. the original pattern is in my storage, so I had to improvise, I swiped my moms from the christmas tree and made a new pattern. ;0)

Till next time my Crafty gal pals, Have a good one!


Moon said...

dear god...its a pile of zombie crow carcasses.

xoxo Me

Sunny Chick said...

You Silly Girl! Zombie Crows! P-shaw!
Miss U!!