Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reconnaissance computer take over was a success!

Yeap! I snuck into teens room unbeknownst to them, minimized homework screen and took over. Of course when teen came in yelling that there was no one at the door, I was already logged on! “MOOOOOOM!” I gave the stink eye and reminded them that I gave birth to them and they owe me, or something like that.

I did compromise, I just down loaded pics and decided to finish here at my cubicle cave…

I managed to down load all my craft pics, but I thought I would spread it out, considering they are currently still in the works, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to take over computer again…

Oaky, so you can see how these turned out oh so lovely. What do you think Moon?
I love to use my creative mind and see what works and believe me I have found enough that doesn’t work. Let me know what you think.

Now I need to find a few frames that are suitable for them. Hey Moon, when ya get the tat colored I would like to show that on here.
Skeeter Bug, says "Hey" she loves those nasty smelly bones! She holds it like a cat. I'm sure she is made of all sorts of left over critter parts cuz sometimes she's part cat, deer and rodent. Silly dog! My dad has often said, "she is tiny in stature but she has a big heart." and big googly wet eyeballs...;0)

Till next time my Crafty gal pals! Keep em' rollen'! And Have a good one!

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Moon said...

o my god....Skeeter is freaking adorable!I love your stitchins! Your so good at what you do, sunny girl.
xoxo Me