Thursday, January 17, 2008

Look what I can do!

I made my very first ever Ball Headed Snowman with a weighted bottom. (I can relate to the weighted bottom thing ;0) For those of you who ALREADY know this stuff, good on ya! But for us who are challenged, this IS a big deal! He still needs to be dressed, and of coarse I still need to coffee stain him, I just couldn’t wait to show him off. I even had to give him a belly button. I know who is going to see that once he is dressed. Who knows, I’ll know!;0)

I love the shy simple little face. I had to give his cheeks a little color too. So as soon as I dress this little nakey fellow I’ll show those pics...

Now give me a little time, I have my hands in many pots at the moment.

Disclaimer: I just want to add that I created this little guy from NO pattern and I can honestly say I don't think I have seen a little guy like this. He is of my own creation.

Well Ya all Have a good one!


Moon said...

He came out beeeeuuuuteaful.
I knew you could do it! xo Me

Fran said...

Deb, Love the shy look on his face. You did a great job making your own pattern. WOOOOHOOOO!! Can't wait to see him finished. Love his face.