Friday, December 7, 2007


Whew! I am SOOOOO happy it's Friday! I thought the Holidays were supposed to help man kind find the spirit of the season or at least help them find their happy place?! Guess not this past week... It has been CrAzY!!

Well it is the last weekend for Holidays at the Homestead! ;0( I will miss it! BUT, I am planning on doing TWO shows next year. This is a huge commitment on my part considering how thin my time is spread, so believe it or not I am already starting my projects for next year. Last night I traced lots of snowmen, penguins and Crows! I will be a stitching fool!!

Our Mountains are getting LOT'S of snow, we are still dry here in the city. They threaten some snow tomorrow. You never know with Colorado, I have always said that Mother Nature here is always on PMS, ya never know what she is gonna do!

Well my Crafty gal pals, Santa is checking his list's twice, reindeer are in training and hopefully eating less fiber! Check your chimney's to make sure they are clear and safe for the Big Guy's late night arrival!
Have a Good one!


Fran said...

ROFL!! I love the cat. ROFL
Looks just like I feel sometimes.

Moon said...

Your just too damn cheery girl....
xo me

vivian said...

hi! I got your package on Saturday! I love the snowman ornament !!! He is so awesome! You did a great job and I am thrilled to have one of your creations on my tree!
I also have a question for you! Where do you get those chocolate peppermint sticks! I ate them all! I think those have just become my favorite christmas candy ever! they're so good! Bogdons peppermint sticks, I've never heard of them before! I need to get a large supply of them!!
thanks again sooo much! I'm so glad you played in the swap. Get ready for the next one.. beat the winter blues for valentines day.. or something of that sort! I hope you'll play again!