Monday, December 17, 2007

Howdy all!

Well, I have been shopping! I am almost done. I took last Thursday and Friday off, and wouldn't you know it, I pull my back doing laundry!OUCH!! I had drugs from previous injury, so I didn't need to make a trip to the doctor. But it really bites! I am a true trooper though I went shopping any way! Mom and I hit all the stores we could, had a little lunch and shopped till we dropped! Three days in a row we trudged out in the snow with other crazy shoppers and did our thing. It was fun! Got most of what we needed, still need a few more things and that will be it.
Can you believe this time next week it will be Christmas eve?! wow! This month has flown by. We had a pretty good snow spill last week, so maybe we will still have snow on Christmas.
I haven't down loaded pictures in a while. Forgive me, Teen chic #2 still has camera and is using it to video plays for friends, so as soon as I can confiscate it back, I will update ya all on some projects I have been working on and a few that I have finally got done!
Till next time my Crafty gal Pals! Have a good one!


Fran said...

I sure can believe it's almost Christmas. It gets here before we know it. I'm not ready for it either. :-) I still have some shopping to do and a Santa Cake to make.

Moon said...

How ya doing my sunny baby? I just finished the crappy x-mas shopping. Gaaaaaaawd I hate the malls this time of year. HIDEOUS!
At this moment Im dyeing the front of my hair baby pink in support of Tia..Im going to keep it pink till she gets well..I cant think of anything else to do with myself....sigh...
I love ya girl..
xoxo Me

Fran said...