Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello out there!!

Where in the world have I been?! Well here I am at the Rein fair! And the boys cheesen it up. Love the Rein fair, lots of dressed up folks and a few Pirates to keep you entertained.

I have been a very very busy bee, not only have I started a new job; which I love! Teen chic #1 started college and moved out.. :0( Yes sad day in deed, but she really wants to spread her wings, so mom pouted and let her baby bird fly, with the understanding that she can come home anytime she wants… BUT not only to do laundry ...

I have been sewing like the breeze!

I was able to cut some snowmen, 100 of the little guys. I love the smell of fresh cut pine and a fresh coat of wood stain, truly gives me a high... No it's not the stain that is making me high... well maybe just a little...

lol :0)

Here you can see some sheep and a few stitching's! AND LOTS of pins! Pumpkins, black cats and Annie heads.

I also Put together several pin and earrings sets.

They were ornaments that I put together as earrings and pins. These are my quick sales. I still have sooooo much more to show and share.

I am getting ready for the Holidays at the Homestead to start. Oct 30th to Dec. 7. I can’t wait!!

Isn't she sweet?

I still have naked pail Santa's and a naked Jack frost. SEE I still have so much to get done!!

AND last but not least my bestest bud ever from Nocturnal Knit Witch has decided to fly her broom my way to stay a week in October!! Whoot Whoot!!

I feel Fall sneeking around the corner, our mornings are cooler, and I spyed a few leaves turning brown. I love this time of year. I wish we had this weather all year round...

Well all my crafty pals, I'm back! I'm a working busy fool and will try my dangdest to keep up with my blogg. Leave a note to say hay!! Till next time, have a good one!!


Moon said...

LOOKIT all your goodies!! You have been a busy girl!
You looked gorgeous by the way at Ren. Your hair looks smashing darling!
cant wait to invade your nest next month!! lol xoxoxo me

Fran said...

WOW!! looks like you are ready for Christmas.