Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howdy out There!!

Yep! It has been insane. I will be starting a new job come Monday. So to recap, I had been looking into finding something that would get me more money but not have to drive too far (gas prices are sucking the life out of me!), but not a drastic change from what I do now. Still working with the military but now thru the government no longer thru a contract that can be pulled at anytime... I feel I can now breath easy.

Still crafting like a mad women. I REALLY hope to get some of my craft pics up soon, just can't seem to get myself together. I really have been accomplishing stuff.

My bestest buddy may be coming to see little ol me in October!! That makes me grin like a donkey eating thistles...

Well all, i hope to get back in touch real soon! Take care!

1 comment:

Moon said...

MAKES ME grin like that tooooooo!!
woot woot!
we'll be boot scootin!
xox Moon-Pie