Sunday, September 28, 2008


Fall is shimmery and peeking thru! I love all the colors. Bursts of Orange and Reds! Makes me all warm and fuzzy!

I did some more creating this weekend.

Here is a Turkey I found and did up real quick from Create & Decorate Holiday issue. These guys are quick and easy I of course did a tweak here and there!

This little handy dandy gadget is a Feather Weights best Friend! I just love this quick little bobbin winder!

Here She is! I love my Feather Weight Singer! Her name is Bizzy Bee! We made Santa Cloths and Hats all weekend!!

Teen Chic #1 came by for some pizza and chit chat! She is a busy gal working and going to school. Her little brother is joining wrestling at school and wants to show everyone what he knows and has learned, Teen chic #2 doesn't play fair and puts him in a head lock right away. And teen chic #2 is too prissy and doesn't like to mess up her long brown hair or smudge her perfect makeup, so the only victim who is willing to be his guinea pig is Skeeter bug, who bites when she has had ENOUGH rough house. Teens and all their hOrMones!! Love them!!

Well Crafty pals till next time, keep them glue guns hot!

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Moon said...

Love your pretties!!!!!!! And love your 221. So you dont like winding bobbins with your Bee? lol
xo Me