Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where have I gone?????

Where in the world have I been?! I know I have been a very lazy blogger! Sorry to those who sometimes stop by! I promise when life slows a bit I will try harder!

So for those who do care, I will catch you up. I have done some collecting, there for a while I had the urge to go to local thrift stores and antique stores and have found some pretty major finds, I got a large picnic Longaberger picnic basket for ONLY $40, and it still has the logo tag, you bet I snagged that deal! I have now collected over the past few months 6 large and one small picnic baskets with wooden lids. I plan to use to transport my goodies to shows and heck some day I may plan a really big PICNIC!!

Okay something else that has distracted me is my love of reading, I re-read "Gone with the Wind". Love that book, and had to watch the movie, of course to truly appreciate the story you really should read the book, the movie is missing some pretty major characters. so then I couldn't stop there I had the bug, so I picked up "Scarlett" loved the book didn't care for the movie. So then I did a random search and low and behold the story didn't end there I found "Rhett Butlers People" I really did enjoy this book too. Different ending than in Scarlett because of different writers but still a very good read. And since I have Scarlett and Rhett fever and of course the interest I have for the Civil War I found a couple other stories to fill my mind.
I have also found some letters written to loved ones during the Civil War. Interesting, people just don't think or love that way anymore...

I just love that era. I once had a fortune teller tell me I was a wife of a farmer who then became a soldier from the South who died during Gettysburg's and she also added I and my children starved to death. Maybe that's why I have a problem not turning food down in this life time. If you could only see my Buddha belly now! ;)
AND I have a Senior who will be graduating MAY 15th. SOOOOO I have been very busy with her researching colleges, grants, loans, dresses, shoes preparing for family to visit oh we made our own invitations 100, working on a menu for the grad post party, I think I may lose my mind very soon.

I even have worked on a few things not a lot. So as soon as the smoke has settled I get on the move and take more pics and make more time. SO bare with me!!

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Moon said...

dear goddess in heaven!!!!!!no wonder ur ass is missing in action and I havent heard your sweet voice on the phone for sooooooo long.
deep breaths....
miss u girl!
xoxox me