Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Craften I be doing!

Naked Santa's have beards! yep tried a new yarn, once I decide on cloths for these guys, I will spritz some coffee to age the old dudes..

So this weekend has been prosperous. I did some house sitting and made some Z bread, Yum! and sewed up some pillows and some witch's legs. They will have red glittery soes and stripey legs. I will share pic once they get their paint on.

I wanted to share a few fall items I made and picked up. I love the Crow and rusty star. I made these guy's for the show, and in the back you can spy my Crow stitching, fits in a 4x6 frame, and I can't forget about mr. Grins I picked up at Dirty Annies in PA. I just picked up the cute small pumpkin at Gordmans today, they have all their Fall up and are already setting up Christmas!

The Holidays are breathing down our necks!
Guess I better start pinching pennies and figure out what the Teen units want this year. Just last year I swore I was not going shopping on Black Friday, and what did Teen unit #1 make me do at the crack a$$ of DaWn! I found my funkey behind in line at Target... Well this year she don't live here no more.... :-(
BUT if she wants to shop at dawn I will... I miss her... Why do they have to grow up. Seems like yeserday I was holding her hand waiting for the short yellow bus to come pick her for preschool. Her hair in pig tails rosy cheeks with a great big cheesy smile. WAAAAAAA!

Well my crafty pals, I'm off to dream land! Ya all take care and keep them glue guns hot, it's about that time again!!


Moon said...

Hey there mama!
You are a busy bee!
I think your nakey santas are sweet!
I will be there sooner then you think and we can go look for old junque 2getherz!!!!!!
wuv u!!!!
xo me

The_Gord_Man said...

Spooky how quick the holidays are coming...

But if you need any more decorating ideas, bring this coupon with you:

Happy holiday shopping !!