Friday, February 22, 2008


Yep the LONG "short" week has finally come to an END!! I don't know about you all, BUT Friday seems to have taken a LOOOONG time to get here.

I know I haven't put pics up of all the stuff I have been working on, I hope to this weekend, the end of the school year is closing in on us around here and time on the computer IS like asking for the last Nutter Butter in my house! T'aint gonna happen sista! I'll tell ya what I've been working on thou!

30 or so stuffed sheep waiting to be painted and made into ornaments, then I have to work on the felted penny blankets that go over their backs. right now they sit in a zip lock bag pale and blank. As my Moon sister would say they look like Zombie sheep. They really do need color...

6 8x10 Salt box alphabet stitching's are in progress

I have legs, arms, heads and bodies to turn, stuff and assemble.

A afghan I am trying to crochet for Teen chic #1 who will be Graduating May 15th! Yea Rori! She is my "hippie soul gonna save the earth optamistic clog wearing naturaly beautiful with hardly any commen since, but is brilliant graduating with a GPA over 4.0 child", I just hope she finishes college and gets a good paying job even if it is a career in the way of saving the earth before she settles down with another hippie soul who better have a good job. CUZ there taint no more room in momma's house for anymore procrastinaters! Hey what else can a mother hope for?! Only the best for my young-uns'

AND last but not least, about 25 or so little Annie heads soon to be made into pins, I am currently putting hair on them all. I want to call them "Annie and all her Sister friends". I constantly have something in the works, when ever or where ever there is a spare moment of untouched time in my life you will find me with a needle and thread or a crochet needle in hand woking away like a crazed women who has drank WAY too much caffeine.

Till next time Grafty Gal pals and all my sista friends! Have a good one!!

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